Poultry farming as a great business
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Poultry Farming As A Great Business

What is poultry farming?

Poultry farming simply means rearing of birds of different kinds for consumption purposes or commercial purposes.

Mostly everyone knows what poultry farming is but few knows the benefit and profit in poultry farming as a great business, therefore, this article will explain in details all you need to establish your poultry farm, how you will run and maintain it and also how to make it a great business.

Do you know: there is no waste in poultry farming, at the end of this article you will understand why. And also you don’t have to gather millions or hundreds thousand before you can start poultry farming all you need is determination time and little capital and boom start making your money.


  • Branding: in any business you want to go into, branding is very important and it can be in any form like name, logo, design or pattern. Check does big companies they are known by their name or design or pattern.
  • Location: location for a poultry farm shouldn’t be close to a busy road or area and the size of the farm should be measured by the number of birds to rear, it must also be away from poultry predator and close to clean water area for proper cleaning of the farm environment.
  • Housing and shelter: there are different type of ways to house your birds like battery cage system , colony cage system, double deck and more which are suitable for poultry farming. The number of birds should be consider when choosing the size of cage.


The cartegories of birds you rear determine the sector you want to focus on in poultry farming and that’s why we said poultry farming is a great business because it is a wide industry, poultry farming include the production of poultry foods, hatching of eggs and more but we will focus on two sectors in rearing.

There are two cartegories of bird namely:

  • Meat producing birds: these are birds that do not lay eggs but produces meat, they weigh about 40g from hatch day and 1.5-2kg after 6 weeks, example of this birds are broiler, Cockerel etc.
  • Egg producing birds: unlike broilers that does not produces egg, this type of birds produces at least one egg from about 17weeks old till 72-75weeks old and later kill for meat. This is where the idea of poultry farming as a great business comes in because I regard this type as the most profitable because of their ability to lay eggs and we will explain further. Examples of this birds are layers chicken, Sussex etc.

Challenges in poultry farming business

  • Poultry treatments and vaccination: having a poultry farm for consumption purposes may not require the help of veterinary doctor, but when it comes to poultry farming as a great business it’s for commercial purpose, and this requires the help of veterinary doctor for the well being of the poultry and to avoide loss due to any forms of diseases that may attack the birds.

Make sure you invite the doctor for regular vaccination so as to increase the immune of the birds to fight any form of disease attaks and whenever you notice any unusual acts in the birds for safety purposes.And most important comes.

  • Marketing: part of the problem faced in business is marketing, how do you market? Will you just stay at the farm expecting customers to come? Or tell people at your street to patronise you? NO! You can do better, the best way to market nowadays is online.

I mean through social media like WhatsApp, instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc and business websites like Youbiss, wealth result, and more. Because through there you meet different and more people who will have intrest in you supplying them either egg or meat in large quantity.

  • Security: to ensure the safety of your birds and eggs make sure where you will situate your farm is very and tightly secure from birds predators and thieves, in other to avoid loss or damage



Let assume you have 100 layers in your farm which will cost you around 20,000, and each bird lays one egg per day, that mean you have 100 eggs in a day, which makes 3000 eggs in a month and that is 100 crates per month.

Using Nigeria as a case study 100 layers of a day old cost approximately 25,000 naira, cost of feeding 15,000 naira and medical fee 10,000 naira (may not b up to that basenof the health of the birds).

It all sum to 50,000 naira and the cost of 100 crates of egg is approximately 80,000 naira which leaves you with gain of 30,000 naira in a month, that is in two month u will realise 60,000 naira if you will have to consider housing fees has part of capital. By the following month you will have the gain of 80,000 naira till the birds stop laying.

All mention above is only about the eggs, after about 75weeks old when the birds are no more laying egg you can now kill them so you can sell their meat, which is also moving in market and also makes more money apart from your profit on egg.

Why there is no waste in poultry Farming

Speaking of their Guano ( their poop, defecation or dropping depends on what you call it) can also serve as mean of income for you because it is use to feed fishes. Therefore you can lias with those that are into fish farming and agree on a price and rate to be selling the birds poop.

With all I mention above you can see there is no waste in poultry farming starting from their egg to their meat and even the waste product they pass out is also food for fish to make money and you don have to wait till you have million or hundreds of thousands before you can start poultry farming, it’s what you can start with little capital, be your boss and start earning yourself.

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