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For every mindful person willing to make a change and convert the unpleasant status quo into something rewarding will always aim to be their own boss. However, it implies a lot of personality check ranging from self determination, creativity to execution of business plan. One of the lucrative businesses in Nigeria in which such aim can be targeted and attained is Tailoring business.

In this article we will show you how to start a tailoring business in Nigeria. In which after you read this article, you will have a rewarding exploration into the fashion designing world.

Tailoring business serve as a source to which fashion designing are showcased or exhibited. Also the most important part of tailoring business is the room for creativity, in which most youth nowadays sway in.

Sit down and relax and let me take you through the tour on how to start a tailoring business without stress as long as you are interested in tailoring business, be it you are a starter, an expert in fashion line, fashion designer in training  this is your lucky day.

Now let’s look at the business concept in details.



Tailoring business is the business or occupation of a tailor which include the art of making dresses to suit a particular purpose or person. The scientific part of tailoring business is measurements and cutting of precise part of fabric in making up a desired style for dresses to be made.

Hey, don’t runaway now since it involve mathematics, it is just a slight measurement and you only need to put your heart to it.

Also, tailoring business could be of two perspectives either you are a fresher (I mean novice) but recently created interest in fashion designing or an apprentice of a tailoring business owner and an expert working your way up the ladder in fashion industries or business.

This article is just your way into the spotlight, you might want to ask me how, well its simple, be determine, focus, creative and always try to do new things.


Tailors are of two types (at least for now) , the classical ones who knows more of classical designs and style for example blouse and wrapper popularly known among yorubasas (iro ati buba), skirt and blouse etc.

While the modern ones are tailors that knows about the modern fashion and styles for example suit, gown, tux, using of cultural fabrics like Adiree or Kampala to sew blazers, suits, plain and pattern and any kind of fashion designing trends you could ever think of.

However, they mostly find it hard to go back to the classical way of blouse and wrapper sewing not because they can’t but they won’t simply because they are fashion trends oriented.

Now, that you know the type of tailor you are or the type you are seeking to be, the question is are you willing to go far in your tailoring business?  Are you willing to start a tailoring or fashion designing business any where in the world? Let me point this out, you don’t have to be a tailor to go into tailoring or fashion designing business.

You are confused, don’t be, I will make this clear to you and more, what I meant is you can be an expert, be a link between a tailor and a customer but you must definitely have an eye for fashion and not just fashion, trending ones. You got my point didn’t you! O yes you do.


Of course no one wants to venture into a business that is not profitable. So I am telling you this, yes! It is profitable, so venture into it.

As a tailoring business owner having it own shop or managing with another and all, can choose to charge a customer ranging from #2000- #5000 or more. Depending on the styles and how competent and reliable your customers know you to be, that is, the more creative you are and confident in your work with remarkable customer service, the more profit you will gain in your business.

Now imaging having 5 clothes to make at the rate of #3000 or more in a week, whoa! You wonder how much you make in a month not to talk of year. Do the math.

Got my point! Do you know that tailoring business and it price charge or rate is not controlled by any price regulatory board or body unlike some business for example telecommunications, barbing is still fair but look at this tailoring business the price and price regulatory body is just creativity.


There are so many opportunities in Tailoring business such as the following;

  • Selling of fabrics of different types for example Lace, Ankara, Guinea, Adiree etc.
  • Selling of sewing materials and equipment at large or small scale
  • Making up a brand and sole known design based on (creativity)
  • Sewing of ready-made dresses
  • Selling of match able dress, shoes and bags (importation business)
  • Becoming a fashion plate or fashionista (designer, promoter of latest fashion)
  • Becoming a fashion monger (one who set fashion) thereby making a name


You don’t need to worry to much, just have the mindset that as long as people are still wearing cloths tailoring business will always have all market for it product anywhere.

But also you have to hype your style and market your work to people, by having  samples made and worn by beautiful ladies and gents for photo shots.

Also, mix with socialized customers who are going to help promote your work internationally as long as you are making a masterpiece dresses for them your business will boom in no time.

Also, some target market for tailoring business such as schools (uniform), companies (safety wears) etc. should be targeted by writing a convincing proposals to them (for help on proposal writing, contact us at for more enquiry).

Listen, there will always be a room for competition no doubt, it is left to how you up your game and set the pace among your potential competitors.


Starting or promoting tailoring or fashion designing business might entails a step-by-step sequence but it might not be necessary to follow the steps if you have acquire the skill or know your way around it.

However, the following listed steps are for the fresher (or apprentice), tailoring business (owner) and expert in the fashion line. The step goes thus;


Learning the skill set and rudiments in tailoring business is paramount for you to venture into the fashion world. You might have seen or known a professional tailor you can learn the skillfrom across Nigeria, my advice ‘learn it well’.

Well of course I have a professional fashion designer I can recommend to you in Osun state capital (Osogbo) an astute mind lady who goes by the name ‘Lima couture’,for more enquiry to learn and make dress at Lima couture contact on or @(08099605613,,Instagram handle: olorihalimah


When learning the skill, you can try and get a sewing machine at home or manage with some tailor you know around if you can’t afford and try and be making dresses for yourself, friends, siblings, mum or dad, and gradually you are creating a space for yourself to practice and get known through your work.

Be a fast learner, get access to internet to watch various design and how they are made and social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, twitter and so on) to learn more designs and showcase yours.


You can get more sewing materials and equipment at cheaper rate in major markets across Nigeria such as Gbagi market in Ibadan, Lagos, Onitsha or any other major market around you.

Also, you can get online and visit various market platforms such as Amazon, Jumia, Konga and all, by searching for various items you need, buy them and get them delivered to your door step in no time.


For your business and skill set to be known there is need for you to create awareness through various means such as making samples of best designs outside your shop for interested customer to come in and make dress.

You can create awareness by subscribing to different social media platform as I have said earlier to promote your business, also you can mingle with customers that you know they appreciate your ways of making dress and do post pictures to various social media platforms, design business cards, make fliers etc.


Good attitude to customers and exceptional customer services always promote business beyond imaginations. Believe me it’s tested and trusted.


As your business grows and known, more style and materials will be demanded, in which you will need sources of fund to maintain the balance.

How about you check on the (opportunities in tailoring business) by which you can engage in to maintain your standard or upgrade successfully in this same article.


In conclusion, believing in oneself by venturing into an handy work business like tailoring business is a one step to success, self determination and focus is another and as we always say ‘be independent to your own will’.

Be in control of your life and work, make a decision that you will live long to cherish the moment you decided to turn your life around for good.

Hey, never forget ‘fashion is style and style is someone perception of thing’ (be creative and you will be a force to reckon with).

For more enquiry on how to learn or make dress don’t forget contact:

Lima couture

+2348099605613,, Instagram handle (olorihalimah)

Aduke fashion house, for those in Ilorin metropolis, +2347086445624  

check out some of their design images


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