How to make good use of your low-income
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Low income has become the second nature of most countries worker lamentation. In Nigeria for example, where economy down-turn dominate all governmental economic strategies. Salary or wages earners would be faced with the issue of low income with constant respect to their needs. This article is here to show you how to make good use of your low-income.

I know you are still wondering, how your low income can sustain you through these hard times.

Worry less! We appreciate your quest and insight for much better living conditions. We have received your mails, questions, opinions, ideas and all, through our various social channels on how to make good use of your low income.

 So here we are as always to quench that burning doubts and mindsets that your low income cannot take you places in life.



Generally speaking, it simply means decrease in income with alternate increase in needs. Low income by definition is relatively define as regards the salary range as well as assorted needs and responsibilities.


A wealth without management, obviously the source is fraud. Collecting a low-income is definitely not a barrier to success it is strictly a means to end instead. Now let’s talk on how you can manage your low-income.

Goal setting/target

Goal setting is paramount in any management plan of low-income. Target point or goal should be set; this implies the adoption of any strategies to neutralize the effect of the low-income socio-economically. When setting a goal, which is the hard part, gives a life to the said low-income.

There are various ways at which a goal setting/target may be met such as; savings, thrift contributions, investment etc.

Setting your priorities right

When there is a plan on ground, setting priorities right is as well important, so as to avoid any spontaneity in spending. Needs is inevitable even when you vow not to touch it(savings), you might find yourself touching it simply because your priorities are yet to be set right.

Estimate your monthly expenses/income

Most low-income earners fail to estimate their monthly usual expenses/income, which eminent result is mostly failure. Having little to save is much better than ending up penniless at the end of the month. It’s inevitable for one not to make any expenses within the month.

However, setting priorities right is a valid move toward estimation of one’s monthly expenses and income

Utilizing of any additional income within month

 Most low-income earners do engage in some kind of side gig apart from their daily routine, which in some ways brings additional income in. However, some of this side gigs are variably not constant, so utilizing of any additional income within the month is wise. This will definitely increase the life span of the estimated budget.

Avoid any additional expenses or spontaneous spending

Like I said earlier, any wealth without management is a fraud. This is also applicable to any spontaneity in spending, which is always taking one off track.

How I can invest my low-income?

Numbers of articles have been written here on our website, which are basically business idea or self created side gigs in which you can invest in and gain massive returns. Saving is not enough for low-income earners; however savings with plan for future business engagement is productive for a low-income earner.

 Here are numbers of businesses you can invest in which are not necessarily or does not need huge capital to invest in.

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