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Garri Production As A Great Business In Nigeria

Garri is one of the most invaluable food in Nigeria, and has high demand more than some food sold in Nigeria although some people don’t know about it’s high demand, all they see about it is the low profit it has forgetting good market is not only about it profit but also it rate of demand. In this article we are going to explain in details how garri is being produce and how garri production is a good business in Nigeria

What is used for the production of garri

Cassava is one of the farm produce that has many uses to Nigerians, it is used for the production of many other foods eaten in Nigeria like fufu, Amala, pounded cassava(iyan ege; in Yoruba language) and also garri production.Cassava is the main resources used in garri production company and here we will explain the process that cassava pass through to production of garri.

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How to produce garri

There are process to follow during the production of garri and am talking about good garri because if any of the process is skipped or manipulate the garri may not have good taste. The processes are as follows;

Peeling: of cassava: after the cassava has been harvest and brought in for the production of garri, it must be peeled to have neat white cassava. I will implore the cassava to be peel neatly and properly so that our garri will also be neat

Grinding: the white cassava should be washed thoroughly until you are satisfy with it’s neatness and after then you take it for grinding. Make sure you grind to very well for proper making because the size of our garri particles matters to your customers.

Jacking: after proper grinding of the cassava, it must be Jack so that it can dry up a little bit if not totally dry.Sieving: cassava tuber is like fiber and also like wood, therefore, there is no way you can grind it up to a fine particles without soaking it, and don’t forget we never make mention of soaking the cassava from start, so the product gotten from the grinding cannot be smooth nor fine because of this we have to sieve it, to collect the fine particles needed for garri production away from the fiber present in it.

Drying: and dat bring us to the last part of the garri production, after sieving and collecting the fine particles it must be dry conventionally using heat and not sun heat but fire or a system where the temperature can be regulated

How to produce garri locally

In this section I will explain and elaborate ways and how you can produce garri locally and also tips to follow for a successful garri production.

You don’t have to be going to farm or sitting beside fire before you can produce garri in a local way all you need is logic and little reasoning, think of this, Dangote is a named billionaire in Nigeria and Africa who produce cement and other things but is dangote the one operating the machine or is he the one carrying cement on his head to distribute, NO!!! but he is know to be producing cement all we need here is the same idea he is using to produce. To get rich in this world you pay and hire people’s dream.

Listen carefully and follow the steps we are about to talk about and you will see how garri production will be an easy business for you

Where and how to get cassava: it’s as simple as ABC all you do is to find those local farmers who are trustworthy to get you cassava right from the farm because it will be more cheaper in price than going to market to purchase your cassava and also be very old to use for the production of garri.

Hire people to peel and neat the cassava, this is where the dangote system am talking about comes in you don’t have to be the one peeling and doing all these yourself, you can hire people to do everything for you at small price.

Grinding: the process of grinding cassava for the production of garri is different from other type of grinding, it has its own grinding machine specially made for grinding cassava to use for the production of garri

Sieving and drying the product gotten after grinding the cassava is the next step to take during the production of garri, and this process is carried out locally, that’s why I said production of garri in a local way because the sieving and drying are done manually with the aid of sieve for sieving and also a big pot along with fire made from firewood or drying.

You also don’t have to be the one sieving or drying, all you need to do is to also pay people to do so for you, at low price there are people out there ready to help out out on that, you just have to find them.

How to make garri production in a mehanized way

There are nothin much to talk about in this section because the process is thesame as that of local way of garri production just that all the steps mentioned above are not done manually but with the aid of machines.After the cassava has been peeled and washed manually by the people in charge of it, all the other process are carried out by machine, starting from the grinding, sieving and also drying are all carried out by machine.

Advantage of mechanized production of garri over local way production

The two ways of production has their advantage over one another, in case of the mechanized production of garri over the local way are:

  • It required lesser stress and effort compare to local way in which all the process are carried out manually and require much human effort to make it successful.
  • It is good for the production of garri in large scale because the effort needed to produce garri in large scale is much lesser compare to local way in other words the effort that will be use to produce 4 bags of garri in a local way will be equivalent to the effort needed to produce like 12 bags of garri in a mechanized way.

Advantage of the local way of garri production over mechanized way of production

Just like the way the mechanized way of garri production has advantage over the local way of production thesame thing is applicable to local way also having advantage over the mechanized way. The advantages are:

Cheaper to operate: the machine that are needed for mechanized way of garri production can be somehow costly compare to all the equipment needed for the local way of production. Also all the energy and power needed to run all the machines attracts more charges and payment for the maintenance of machines.

How to make garri production a great and profitable business

Among all African consumables food garri is the most affordable by both low income Nigerians and passive income Nigerians because of its low cost, but despite the low cost of it high demand in market makes it a good for business.Also the price of garri in market which has also increase by 37%, a 60kg of white garri goes for N6,500 as against N4,800 sold a month ago. In Shagamu, a bag of garri sells for N7,500 as against N5,350 sold a month ago. This increase in market price of garri can be taken as an advantage to business.

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