Youbiss is an independent platform formed with the mastermind and prospect of a future where all youths live independently. We are not just a blog but a team of real business men who are ready to change the circle. The world today comprises lack, poverty, intimidation and lots, even though the government tries to provide for the needy but yet “human wants are unlimited” . Comfortability comes within but to ensure this, human wants must be limited I.e our mindset must set up a monetary expenditure for us. 

Youbiss is a website that gives different ideas on how to start a business, how to manage a business, and also expand your business. Here, you know more about how to start your own business with any amount of capital you intended on starting with, and  also give ideas about different business you can start and control either at your leisure time or full time.

This is what we are, we are ready to be the mindset of the people. many today lack the ability to set properly for their financial status, but at youbiss we have discovered that everybody needs a push. If we can provide a means for the people to think of something that could add more to their monetary value, expand their income, provide them a safety financial plan, and prominently connect them to every reliable and standard market to exchange their product. Then we can make them independent. Our tomorrow is ensure! 

Many minds have been touched rigorously before the opening of this online platform for a better expansion, so stay with us… 


Popoola Ademola Emmanuel C.E.O of Royal Sky laundry services a graduate of the Polytechnic of Ibadan Department of Mass Communication, who is also into online business like importing and exporting  of electronics gadget and wears both intra and international.

Raji Asimiyu Kayode C.E.O of Kayfabs collectibles who is into buying and selling of Adire of different patterns and designs, also the founder of Abeni art and design. A graduate of The University of Ilorin Department of Sociology.

Bhadmus Najeeb Opeyemi C.E.O of BON Dealers deals with online/offline buying and selling of goods in wholesale and retail throughout Nigeria. Goods like phone accessories, wears, watches; like smartwatch, wristwatch, etc. A graduate of the university of Ilorin Department of Industrial Chemistry.

Our mission 

The phase of the world has changed, we are in the era where intelligence and good business ideas spark everyday, and mixed together to form “Globalisation” . This new world brings wealth to the informed and active people alone. That is, limited people are here in the category. But we believe we can fix you here in this category of the informed and active (real meaning of education) people,  by reducing the digital gaps.

So our mission is to create wealth out from our people, in and across till crime reduces, peace governs our home, and our youths live independently and free of reproach. 

We will connect you to the necessary market you can exchange productivity with, and give you the chance also to safe for the future. 

Thanks and welcome to Youbiss.come. This is our mission!